Care package observations

  • Twinkly lights instantly upgrade mosquito net vibes from “African necessity” to “princess canopy”
  • I must talk about being dirty/smelly a lot based on the number of soaps, scrubs, lotions, perfumes, powders, and loofas that I received
    • Also my parents each independently sent me tooth paste/tooth brushes/gum/disposable tooth brushes/mouthwash…. Why are they so concerned about my oral health??
  • I will never have to go to the market again #BolachasOnBolachas
  • My dad is either very good at picking out makeup or very good at asking the sales women at Lush and Sephora what products would be best for a makeup/skincare addict living in Africa.
  • Mimi takes granola requests seriously
  • Volunteers LOVE Lush products (seriously if you’re trying to think of care package ideas for the volunteer in your life, I recommend just going into the store buying as much as you can fit into the box)
    • I am particularly hyped about the Tea Tree water, Mr. Sandman powder, and Toothy Tabs which all seem perfectly suited for life in Moz
  • I guess I’ve been complaining about not being prepared for rainy season as I now have three umbrellas and a rain jacket
  • As much as I have been telling myself that life without cold brew is worth living… after having a taste I am not sure if that is completely true
  • Full cabinets = good problems

Care Package Bliss 

With my three week site visit quickly approaching, I was starting to get nervous that the care package my mom sentwasn’t going to arrive before I left. Mid-September my mom had sent a flat rate package (which costs around $90) through USPS and it was estimated that it would take about a month to arrive at the Peace Corps office in Maputo. Since it had only been about 3 weeks since the package was sent, I was pleasantly surprised Friday afternoon when my name was called by the driver who delivers packages! I could hardly wait to get home and see what was inside. Although many of the items I had specifically asked for and was expecting, I was excited to receive marshmellow pumpkin latte body scrub, candles, and dryer sheets to make everything smell a bit better and a bit more like home. I was similarly excited to receive not one but two (!!) foot scrubbie brushes for my filthy feet. While digging through the densly packed box and finding some skin care products, makeup, shark stickers, and my favorite gum, I was somehow surprised at how well my mom knows me. Its almost like she’s had 22 years to get to know me. 

I don’t have matches to light my candles quite yet, but I’ve already placed the “warm beechwood” candle on my bedside table in anticipation, and I’ve already put dryer sheets in my suitcase so all my clothes will smell like fresh laundry. My foot scrubbie brush was put to good use yesterday afternoon after I returned from a hike, and my feet have never been cleaner. An unexpexted perk of receiving the care package was that I also got to spend all morning unpacking and rearranging my things to find places for all of my new items, although I’m not sure what it says about my life that the highlight of my day has reorganizing my bedroom.