About Me

My name is Leslie, and I am severely under qualified for this position.

I am volunteering as a secondary biology teacher, which sounds somewhat reasonable as I studied biology at UVA and have a decent amount of experience tutoring college level biology. Unfortunately, this is pretty much where my concrete qualifications end.

In Mozambique, they speak Portuguese, and I will be expected to teach in Portuguese. I do not actually know any Portuguese, and in the process of writing this post I have discovered that I do not even know how to spell “Portuguese” in English. (Fun fact about me, I’m an all around terrible speller)

I don’t think I am the “type” of person you imagine doing Peace Corps, as evidenced by the fact that most of my friends legitimately thought I was joking when I told them. I am a self-proclaimed makeup addict, completely dependent on fast wifi, and not exactly the altruist you’d expect to be signing up for this kind of deal.

Despite these short comings, there are actually many qualities that I think will make me a decent PCV (that stands for Peace Corps Volunteer) one of them being my LOVE of acronyms, which seem to be heavily utilized. I am optimistic, adventurous, adaptable, passionate – hopefully these will help me overcome the fact that despite knowing no Portuguese, I decided to spend my summer indulging in less than educational activities rather than studying.