Guest Appearance: Mom and Mimi Do Moz

Screenshot_20170717-213954You may have noticed that recently, my blog posting has been lacking. And you may be asking yourself, “I wonder why Leslie hasn’t posted any blogs recently… I wonder if she’s been busy with the start of a new school semester and with the provincial science fair she’s been working on planning?” Or, if you’re anything like my brother, you message the family WhatsApp group demanding to know why I haven’t been giving the world timely updates on my life. And so, this post is dedicated to you Kyle. And so is the post I will eventually write about how the science fair went. I don’t know if you heard but I recently *doubled* my teaching hours (for a grand total of 6 hours a week) so it might be a while before I can find the time for another blog post.


6 thoughts on “Guest Appearance: Mom and Mimi Do Moz

  1. Thanks Leslie for giving me a trip of a lifetime, without you and your mom I would not have been able to. I’m so very proud of you love you and miss you to Mimi


  2. Wonderful video! Glad you all had such a good time and you’re doing well! I’ll keep trying to prevent your mother from working too hard.


  3. Thanks for putting the video together for us! I love it- except I remember having to jump into an icy swimming pool 3 times for “the sake of the video” yet you cut that…. hmmmm. We wouldn’t have missed this trip for the world. Thank you.


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