A sincere thank you to the people of Japan

Notice anything different?? Huh???

The people of Japan like to remind us who has given us these gifts by including an informational sticker on pre much everything

The people of Japan have given me many gifts. The beautiful house and school I live and work in. The air conditioner in my the office that is the primary reason I talk to my director. The copier machines that are so complicated and confusing (aka w/directions in English) that I am not trusted to use them. Today, the Japanese gave me the best gift of all: a 32″ flatscreen and a subscription to zapTV with over 300 channels!!!

I was woken up from my nap by banging on the roof and the neighbor’s empregado yelling my name. I shamble out of my room and am asked by the zapTV official if he can come in to install my television.


I didn’t really know where this TV was coming from but I wasn’t about to question it. I graciously let the men into our house and have them install the TV on my Peace Corps provided trunk, aka the only piece of furniture we had to put it on.

I then got to sit with our director’s empregado for 30 minutes while he showed me the best channels, including MTV India, the Russian news, and 3 separate novella channels.

Although the TV is by no means necessarily, and installing it in our house is arguably not the best use of funds for our school, I’m excited to have movie nights that don’t involve 5 people huddled around one 13″ laptop screen anymore!

Not all heroes wear capes

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