So like, what do you do all day?

Kathryn and I have been at our site for he week, and have already fallen into a pretty regular daily routine here. The pace of our lives has changed considerably from what it was in Namaacha, where Peace Corps had almost evey waking minute scheduled for us. For now, I’m loving the lazy, relaxed days with nothing specific to do.

6:00am – Wake up super early for no reason. Oftentimes due to giggling kids in our back yard collecting all the huge flying termites that collect in our veranda during the night. Lay in bed and check all social media until I have the willpower to get up.

7:30am – Start sweping the floors. Every night, tons of bugs get into our house under the doors. Luckily they’re usually dead by the time we wake up, so we can just sweep them out and it’s not too bad.

8:00am – Breakfast, usually PB&J sandwich. I also usually like to watch an hour episode of Shameless while I eat.

9:30am – Start getting ready to leave the house. Its a bit of a process because we have to lock like 10 different locks and apply a lot of sunscreen.

10:0am – Leave house and attempt to get somewhere. This means either walking the 30-40 minutes to the market (depending on how many times we have to stop and talk to people) or attempting to catch a ride off the EN8 in front of our school if we are going to our district capital or anywhere else.

12:00 – Return from morning outing. Sit in front of fan for 10-20 min in attempt to de-sweat before cooking and eating lunch. Maybe take a nap or watch another episode of Shameless.

2:00pm – Prepare for afternoon outing. Re-apply sunscreen and re-lock all the locks. Walk the 30 or so minutes to our friends’ or host families’ houses.

3:00pm – Cuteness therapy. This is what I call hanging out with my host family because my host sisters (and their new pet baby ducks!!!!) are soooo cute and always make me smile. Yesterday one of the ducks pooped on my and I wasn’t even mad.

5:00pm – Return from afternoon outing and attempt to complete our p90x workout video of the day. Emphasis on attempt.

6:30pm – Shower in our amazing hot water, high water pressure, gift from the gods shower. It really is so good that I could cry every time.

7:30pm – Cook dinner. Kathryn and I have been having some great dinners recently, including lentil stew, a potato and chorizo scramble dish, and even fried plantains!!

8:00pm – Take malaria prophylaxis. My alarm to remind me to take it always seems to go off right when I am sitting down to eat dinner.

9:00pm – Get in bed and try to watch as many episodes of Shameless as possible before passing out from exhaustion… usually one episode.

Sometimes I skip the morning outing to do laundry, or the afternoon to clean the house and continue unpacking and setting up my room which is still a work in progress. I’m sure that soon enough I’ll grow bored of the little I have to do every day, but for now, binging on Shameless, going to the market, and planning our Christmas festivities, is enough to keep me going most days!


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