Norte forte!

After waiting for what seems like forever, I finally know my site placement for the next two years! I will be in a small town of less than 10,000 people in Nampula province. My town literally has no results when searched on google or any map, I am about two hours by chapa (crowded mini-bus public transport) from the provincial capital which is also called Nampula. I am also only 80 km from Ilha de Moçambique, which is a gorgeous island off the coast of Nampula that used to be the colonial capital of Mozambique. The local language at my site is macua, which I will start learning today!
I will be opening a new site with a new roomie, Kathryn! While I am a little bit nervous about opening a new site, where the people of my town will likely be unfamiliar with Americans or the Peace Corps, but I am glad that I don’t have to do it alone. 

Since we are opening a new site, there is a lot we do not know about our house, school, or new town. We do know that our school is an IFP, or teacher training school, which comes with a unique set of challenges and perks. My classes will probably be much smaller than most other volunteers, my students will be older, and hopefully have a more solid foundation of knowledge. With all of this said, since my students will become teachers, it is a bit higher stakes and I am pretty nervous about wanting to be a good teacher to them. 

Some of the PC staff in the north did mention that our school is brand new, which means that our house on the school compound is brand new as well. The word xique, aka chique, has been thrown around in reference to our school and house. 

Although I don’t know much more than this about my site, I am incredible excited to get to spend the next 3 weeks there! We have been given pretty much  zero logistical information about this trip, I think our nornthen group will be leaving on Saturday. I don’t think I couldve been happier with any other site, and can’t wait to get there!


One thought on “Norte forte!

  1. We’re again excited & happy for you also Leslie. We know you will be an excellent teacher. It’s in your genes (like mom like daughter). Keep in touch & enjoy your time. Then come home safely.
    Love to you. Papa & Mimi


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