Minha casa!

When I finally got my phone set up, the first thing I did was call my mom. As someone who is used to talking to talking to their mom multiple times a day, every day, it was really hard to spend my first 3 days in Moz without any communication. Although it was good in a way to not have that crutch to go to during the first few days, I was still really excited to finally get to tell her all about my first few days here. After a couple of minutes of chorando por emoção (crying from happiness), I gave her a virtual tour of my house, and answered approximately 1000 questions about Moz.

  • What’s the bathroom situation?
    • The family I’m living with actually has 3 bathrooms! In the main house, there is a bathroom with a “dump toilet” which is essentially a broken down version of a normal toilet. It is called a dump toilet because you have to dump water into it because it does not actually flush. The force of the water being poured in actually forces the contents of the toilet down, meaning that there is often a lot of splashing involved in the “flushing” process! We also have a latrine, which is a 10 ft deep hole in the ground, and I have my own “she she” bucket, which I use at night in my house when it is too dark to walk to the latrine or main house.
  • Is it hot?
    • Well, it is the end of winter here and we are in the mountains, so it has been a comfortable 85 degrees during the day, and around 60 at night. Also because it is winter, the days are really short right now. It is completely dark by 6 pm!
  • Are you sick yet?
    • As they told us during our medical training, it is not a matter of if we get sick, but when and how often. Luckily, I am feeling pretty good! I’ve had a bit of a sore throat, but luckily my family is really into drinking tea, which has helped a lot! Aside from that, I’ve been boiling and filtering my water so I haven’t had any issues with that.
  • Do you know Portuguese?
    • A lot more than I did 5 days ago! When I first arrived I couldn’t even really have a basic conversation with my mãe, and we were pretty much limited to yes or no questions, or miming. After two days of language training, I feel pretty comfortable introducing myself, talking about where I am from, what I am doing here, what I like to do, and things like that. In the house, I am able to talk about many house hold tasks, how my day was, what I will be doing tomorrow etc. It’s still somewhat exhausting to attempt to speak in a different language for most of the day, but seeing such obvious improvement in such a short time is really encouraging!

There’s so much more to talk about that I couldn’t possibly fit it all into one post, and after attempting to do so without making the post arduous, I’ll end this here. Now that I’ve got my internet set up, it should be much easier to update on a regular basis!



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