beginning goodbyes

Party group pic

After creating this blog like, a month ago, I decided it’s about time I get around to making my first post. I haven’t really posted anything because A) not really that much related material up to this point, and B) I’m not really sure how I feel about this whole blogging about myself deal, but I guess I should get used to it.

So for the first post I’m going to keep it short with a quick pic from the going away forever party last week. Surprisingly, there were no tears from Vic or Syd, which considering the amount of sangria that was consumed is a huge shock. We’ll see how next weekend goes though.

Was v sad to have to say final goodbyes to Kyle and Sam, especially since Kyle has assured me that they will have 2 kids by the time I get back, not sure I’m ready to miss all those changes.

Considering I no longer have a job, it’s ridiculous how busy this week has been with packing up pretty much everything I own. If I can force myself to make another post in the near future, it’ll probably be about the joys of packing.


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